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  • Is Your Website Truly Mobile-First?

    “Of course, our organization is focused on mobile” is likely your initial reaction.  But are you, really? Why mobile-first matters, and what it really means? At Red Privet, we argue that designing mobile-first is not only unavoidable, but it offers great customer experience value (especially for healthcare organizations).  Here’s why: Global mobile usage has surpassed…

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  • Turning Decision Maps into Real Conversions

    2.9%.  That’s the average website conversion rate for healthcare organizations. It sounds low, doesn’t it?  That’s because it is.  According to Unbounce’s Conversion Benchmark 2017 Report, the healthcare industry ranks among the lowest in website conversion, with 25% of organizations recording a rate lower than 1.4%. One of the common issues with hospital and health…

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  • 8 Critical Considerations for Provider Search

    “76% of patients reported going online to find an individual provider.” – Yext Patient Journey Survey 2016 An optimized ‘Find a Provider’ tool is critically important to both the patient’s customer experience (CX) and a healthcare organization’s bottom line.  While a significant investment, a provider search tool can improve the patient’s experience via better patient-provider…

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  • Book Review: “Work Clean” by Dan Charnas

    3 Key Takeaways: Much like chefs, business professionals can improve team and individual productivity by refining their operations to limit waste and extraneous emotion. By applying concepts of organization to design, we can create better, more efficient customer experiences for the end user. The biggest barrier to “working clean” is falling into the extremes by…

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  • Taking Journey Maps to the Next Level: Part 3, Beyond the Map

     3 Key Takeaways: Service design can help organization discover how best to “fulfill the experience” by uncovering back-end improvement opportunities to front-end CX pitfalls. Marketers can add quantitative components to journey maps by measuring CX (through surveys, etc.) across key touchpoints in the customer journey, over time. Future-state journey mapping can envision proposed solutions to…

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