About Us

We are customer-centric experience design consultants.

Since 2009, we’ve made people’s lives better by improving their everyday experiences with the brands they have to use –their bank, healthcare provider, insurance company. We help our clients build meaningful relationships and get measurable results by designing exceptional experiences that keep their customers at the center.

Optimal customer experiences satisfy your customers and achieve your goals.

We believe that the only way to design truly compelling, results-based experiences is to get deep enough to really understand your goals and your customers’ journey with your brand. Once we do, we can design strategies and innovative solutions for the Moments that Matter™–when your customers are most likely to buy, convert, share, or interact with your brand.


Meet Our Team Leaders

Matt Hummel

Matt Hummel

President & Founder

How can we help you?

At Red Privet, we get to know you as partners so your business goals are at the forefront of everything we do. We approach each engagement with decades of expertise, but also with common sense. You’ll find we like to work side-by-side with our clients to continuously incorporate their feedback. So you’ll always know where your project stands—no surprises.

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