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  • Location Matters.

    New downtown design studio takes in the best of Harrisburg. Harrisburg today is a lively mix of old and new, full of architectural wonders and high-tech opportunities. The city has gone from being named the second-most distressed city by the federal government in 1981 to Forbes’ list of Most Livable Cities in 2010. We love…

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  • A Mobile Product Strategy in 3 Easy Steps

    Mobile. It’s everywhere these days; articles, commercials, headlines, the smart device never more than one foot away from us. All signs seem to scream mobile is a must. In fact, earlier this year at CES, the giant consumer-electronics conference, one panelist went so far as to say, “You’ve got to be on the iPhone; same…

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  • Finding the Value Intersection

    If you’ve been told that customer experience is just about making your customers happy, you only know half of the story. The truth is, a great customer experience both makes your customers happy and gets business results. Think about it. Having happy customers, but not making money doesn’t make any sense. Great, your customers adore…

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  • ½ a Block in Your Customers’ Shoes

    What keeps customers from doing business with you

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  • Our Thinking is Smart Thinking

    Welcome to Our Thinking from Red Privet. We believe our thinking is Smart Thinking. Practical, grounded in proven methods and industry knowledge, and always focused on getting you results.

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