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  • Sometimes Less is More: 5 Tips for Really Fast, Really Good Design

    In user-centered design, process is sacred. But let’s be honest, sometimes we have a lot of requirements and constraints and very little time to make an impact.  We recently worked on a project where we had about two weeks to redesign four page templates and the IA for a client’s website.  Yet within this short…

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  • SMART Survey Design

    While many companies use popular online tools to launch web-based surveys, it is important to understand that the results generated automatically from these tools cannot always be taken at face value. To generate reliable insights from survey data, it is critical to design your survey strategically as well as have an understanding of the limitations…

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  • Usability Testing with Kids

    When working with children, you have to be prepared for almost anything – and the same goes for usability testing with them.  While being over-prepared is important and necessary, being able to work on your toes is what makes a usability testing experience successful. Testing with children is fun and interesting and you will be…

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  • World Usability Day 2012: Red Privet Patient Experience Webinar

    Patient Experience Webinar:  Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 at 11:30 am EST. Red Privet has a holiday coming up – November 8, or “World Usability Day,” promoting user experience design to improve worldwide technologies and infrastructures. This year, to commemorate the occasion, Red Privet is hosting a webinar on an emerging focus in the healthcare industry:…

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  • Putting the Patient First: How User Experience Design is Reforming Healthcare

    “Patients were coming to us for our high quality care, but they did not like us very much.” – Toby Cosgrove, MD, CEO, Cleveland Clinic In May of last year, I attended the Cleveland Clinic’s Patient Experience: Empathy & Innovation Summit and returned pretty excited about the growing presence of user experience thinking in the…

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