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Disney Makes Honeymoon Planning an Incredible Experience

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Priveteer Auldyn Matthews is a hard-core Mousketeer. The proof? She and her family have vacationed at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida more than ten times. Her fiancé, however, has never been. So it only seemed right that they would celebrate their impending nuptials and honeymoon at the “happiest place of earth.”

Like any bride, Auldyn was anxious to start the planning process. She worked directly with Disney’s vacation planners to book their experience. It was a pleasant phone call, typical of the resort’s renowned customer service, but nothing exceptional. But in true Disney fashion, the magic soon showed up in Auldyn’s mailbox.

“I came home that day to find this bulky package in the mail from Disney,” Auldyn said. “I figured it was just some generic travel brochures, I never expected what was inside.”

Auldyn opened the envelope to reveal a 37-page vacation planner customized and personalized especially for her. The cover, adorned with the characters from the Disney superhero movie, The Incredibles, declared it to be the guide to “The Matthews Party’s Incredible Vacation.”

Flipping through the planner, Auldyn read copy that indicated they knew she had visited before and mentioned their wedding and honeymoon plans in specific detail. It even showed instructional screenshots for filling out online reservation forms with her name printed in the input boxes.


“I was so impressed. I grew up with digital, but there is something so personal and special when something is printed,” Auldyn said. “It feels like someone wrote me a handwritten letter. I don’t mind paying a premium if I feel like they invested extra time and effort making my experience extraordinary.”

On the last page, Auldyn found a customized planning checklist detailing the dates and tasks for making reservations for her favorite restaurants and special events. This integrated campaign demonstrates that your relationship with hospitality customers can begin before check-in. Managing expectations and nurturing anticipation can help build up a reserve of goodwill and word-of-mouth in advance of the actual experience.

Just this week, she got a reminder e-mail telling her it was time to choose her dining options. While Auldyn appreciated the reminder, Disney benefitted from being able to increase their RevPAR (revenue per available room) long before the room was filled.

Disney is no stranger to creating Moments That Matter, but even great experiences can be elevated by a personal touch. Who would have thought a simple print-on-demand strategy could make a Priveteer feel like a princess?

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