Our Philosophy

Your Success is Everything

Red Privet was founded in 2009 on the philosophy: Our clients’ success is everything. Since then, we’ve measured the success of every engagement by our clients’ satisfaction and results.

Keep customers at the center of your digital experience.

We believe that the only way to design truly compelling, results-based products is to get deep enough to really understand your needs as well as your customers’. That’s why we’ve built our design thinking on smart, people-centric methods and best practices:

  • People-centered design
  • Customer observations, interviews, and surveys
  • Pattern-based interaction design
  • Heuristics evaluations
  • Usability testing and assessment
  • Ongoing customer experience measurement
  • Standards-compliant development
  • Responsive design best practices
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Eliminate guesswork through research.

We think before we design. We learn your business. We look at your processes, listen to your employees, and most importantly, we observe your customers so we know what will make a digital product or service successful.
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Design is a process.

At Red Privet, design is a process, not an output. We iteratively design, assess, and usability test to build confidence in the experience and reduce project risk. What we’re doing is design: determining the most appropriate way to interact with the customer.
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