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World Usability Day 2012: Red Privet Patient Experience Webinar

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Patient Experience Webinar:  Thursday, Nov. 8 2012 at 11:30 am EST.

Red Privet has a holiday coming up – November 8, or “World Usability Day,” promoting user experience design to improve worldwide technologies and infrastructures. This year, to commemorate the occasion, Red Privet is hosting a webinar on an emerging focus in the healthcare industry: Patient Experience. Led by Red Privet founder and CEO Matt Hummel, the conference will explore usability trends in healthcare, with special attention to the way digital products and services can shape a patient’s experience and improve delivery of care.

The webinar will go live at 11:30 am, EST. Specific conversation points will include the characterization of the patient experience continuum, mitigating risk with a research-based, user-experience design process, and the ROI of improved overall patient experience within healthcare organizations.

Also known as “Make Things Easier Day,” the first annual event was established and sponsored by the Usability Professionals’ Association in 2005. The holiday acknowledges the ubiquity of technology in human interaction, and fosters the humanization of these technologies to better serve the people that use them. Last year’s “World Usability Day” set a record with over 40,000 people participating in events in 44 countries.

As the modern healthcare industry evolves daily, patient experience is becoming increasingly valuable to both the organizations that provide care and the patients who receive it. Join Red Privet’s dialogue as we explore how improved Patient Experience actually lowers costs of care, improves patient satisfaction, and empirically produces better healthcare outcomes.

Life is hard, and Red Privet is committed to making it easier.

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About Red Privet, LLC
Founded in 2009, Red Privet is a customer research, digital design, and experience strategy firm that helps brands such as Johns Hopkins Medicine, Penn State Hershey Medical Center, and Geisinger Health System deliver the best digital experience to their customers - be it the quickest, most convenient, or most empathetic one possible. Combining immersive research, thoughtful design and innovative execution, Red Privet partners with its clients to create solutions that help real people navigate real life with confidence. They call it Design for Real Life℠.

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