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Sunspire Health

Maximizing Online Conversions

Sunspire is a national leader in patient-centric behavioral healthcare. And being patient-centric means improving the patient’s journey – from admission through treatment.  Red Privet used a variety of research methodologies to better understand the patient decision model that leads to admission – ultimately helping Sunspire strategize, redesign and re-platform their website to improve the customer experience for those seeking care (and the call center advisors who help them).

Sunspire’s call center serves a critical role in the patient’s journey, as prospective customers and referrers are required to speak to an advisor during admission. Through persona and journey mapping workshops, Red Privet worked closely with Sunspire’s call center employees to learn how that pivotal touchpoint affects both the customer experience and call center performance – ultimately building a step by step conversion funnel directly into the site’s navigation to simplify the decision-making process for users.  Simultaneously, this also serves as an online sales guide for call center advisors.

The new, mobile-first Drupal website integrates chat software and customized phone numbers, building a supportive, customer-focused experience rich with marketing and conversion data to help continuously refine and improve the experience.  The result is a frictionless experience that helps match customers to the most appropriate care programs while maximizing admissions for the organization.


  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Personas & Journey Maps
  • Experience Design
  • Drupal Development

By understanding the steps our patients work through when seeking addiction treatment, Red Privet helped us deliver a website that catered to their needs. Ultimately, the site was designed to improve the admissions process – providing us with the ability to help more people.

John Peruso, Vice President, Admissions Marketing

Our journey maps helped identify the unique needs of multiple audiences – including loved ones, patients, and referring providers. Having them self-identify on the website (via a “digital front door”) helps ensure a contextually relevant and tailored experience for the user.

Interviews with call center advisors provided critical insights into the online conversion process, while also informing persona development by serving as proxies for the recovering addict experience.

An online conversion funnel must be manageable and achievable for the user. Red Privet simplified the design to focus on the 5 key steps to conversion that were uncovered in the research. When a user begins that process, the navigation and other design elements get removed – and customized calls to action are added to each step of the 5-part conversion funnel.  Within Drupal, Sunspire can use A/B testing and other methods to optimize conversion.

Geisinger’s Digital Front Door

Enterprise Website Design & Development

While integrated health systems like Geisinger are comprised of multiple business units with unique goals, customers generally see them as one brand entity.  Therein lies a common challenge: to create a single, seamless digital customer experience while preserving the identity of their distinct business units.  Red Privet worked with Geisinger to reimagine and reconceive their enterprise-wide web presence – unifying the four cornerstones of the health enterprise: their health system, health plan, School of Medicine, and research entities. Utilizing Sitecore’s leading marketing and customer experience platform, this rebuild of Geisinger’s web presence positions them to achieve key customer experience and business goals.

Change on this large a scale doesn’t just happen organically.  Red Privet worked collaboratively with stakeholders across all four business units to help define a shared vision for a unified Geisinger website.  The new web experience is highlighted by what’s been termed “the Digital Front Door” – a cohesive and frustration-free homepage presentation of Geisinger’s health system, health plan, education and research entities in a way that matches the user’s mental model of a singular brand.  The site has consistent navigation, look and feel, clear pathways between web entities, and carefully integrates new technologies such as urgent care wait times.  Red Privet’s team also leveraged Sitecore’s contextual marketing components to lay the foundation for incorporating dynamic and rule-based content personalization.

In addition to re-authoring web content, Red Privet created a design system of Sitecore page templates and a governance structure for content management.  This allows organizational content owners the flexibility to prioritize their own content while ensuring that site components, content and style remains on brand.  The end result is a new, scalable web and marketing platform that both enriches the customer experience and drives business results.


  • Information Architecture
  • Content Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Sitecore Development

2017 W3 Award:
Health Care Services for Websites

Integrating four business units, all while moving to a new Sitecore platform can be overwhelming. It wasn’t for Red Privet. Their team took a strategic and collaborative approach to help us envision, design and build a revolutionized digital experience for our community.

Sarah Sommer, System Director, Digital Marketing, Geisinger