Research for Real-Life Design: How the Best Healthcare Companies Learn About Their Customers

Great experience design begins with understanding customers and their needs. But exactly what does it mean for a business to “understand” its customers? Is it simply a matter of tracking their behavior and activities? Is it about having models like personas and segmentation? Or does customer understanding entail something more?

In this webinar our guest speaker, Forrester Analyst Allegra Burnette, and Red Privet President Matt Hummel will share their experience into what customer understanding practices sophisticated businesses use. You’ll learn:

  • A model for the “layers of customer understanding” that companies need to drive experience design
  • How smart companies combine insights from multiple layers to make decisions
  • What a balanced research portfolio that accommodates these layers looks like
  • Examples from a variety of companies—from Walgreens to Etsy to Kaiser Permanente
  • Special implications for customer understanding in healthcare and health insurance



Allegra Burnette

Allegra Burnette

Principal Analyst serving Customer Experience Professionals, Forrester Research

Allegra Burnette is a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, serving customer experience professionals. Prior to joining Forrester in May 2014, Allegra was the creative director of digital media at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, where she oversaw design and production across interpretive technology, including the museum’s website,, as well as mobile apps and sites, kiosks, and other digital displays.

Matt Hummel

Matt Hummel

President, Red Privet

Matt Hummel knows that not every opportunity for customer engagement is the same. That’s why he founded Red Privet, a customer research, digital design, and experience strategy firm that creates meaningful engagement and delivers meaningful business results for leading companies including Johns Hopkins Medicine, Highmark Blue Shield, and Geisinger Health System. Under Matt’s leadership, Red Privet has been recognized for its vision, growth and quality work, culminating with inclusion in the 2014 Inc 5000.