Our people

Lissa Richards

Director, Experience Strategy


Lissa Richards is an accomplished designer who specializes in user experience, information architecture and usability. Fearless in the face of the toughest design challenges, Lissa is an ace at solving strategic problems with online solutions that are simple, appealing and supremely useful (no cape required).

Lissa lives for those moments when a design “clicks” with the user, when she can see what works for them and how to make the product even better. At Red Privet, Lissa leads the conversation between clients and team members, guiding the transition from rough ideas and wireframes to polished final designs.

Before joining Red Privet, Lissa spent seven years improving how PA’s government serves its citizens online. Working for the Governor’s Office and then the Department of Administration, she designed and managed varied government websites, focusing on branding and usability. Lissa also has worked at Pittsburgh-based Alcoa, contributing to the development of a $24M enterprise portal.

Away from work, Lissa is a serious runner (think: marathons) and a passionate cook. Never one to sit and watch the world go by, she also backpacks, skis and plays soccer.

Simple, everyday objects that do their job and do it well inspire me. A perfectly balanced chef's knife. A running shoe that makes you feel like you're running on air. These things don't intrude on your life. They have a specific function, and they do that in a straightforward way. And if they look good while they're doing it, all the better!

Matt Hummel

President & Founder


Matt Hummel founded Red Privet in 2009 with the philosophy: Our customers’ success is everything. Ever since, he’s employed his strategy, design and consulting know-how -and has led an exceptionally talented team – to get results.

Matt has 20 years of consumer experience, 13 of those centered on customer experience, user-centered methods and digital design. Over the years, his focus on answering the question “What will make this user, this person, successful?” has led to successful consulting engagements with top firms including Walt Disney Imagineering, Fisher-Price, General Motors, Citigroup and Paychex.

Prior to founding Red Privet, Matt established the Customer Experience and Usability department at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency to promote customers’ online self-service. Following this success, he served as a vice president managing all aspects of web products. He also served as Director, Experience Strategy at Rare Medium and Vice President at Ariel PCS.

When he’s not directing the Red Privet’s vision, Matt can be found spending time with his pup, Finn, or boating¬† the Susquehanna.

I'm fascinated by how hard it can be to make something obvious to another human being. Good design is simple, it's natural.