Our people

Betsy Noullet

Principal Experience Designer

As an award-winning visual designer, Betsy has a thing about pictures. But it’s her unswerving ability to see the big picture that makes her an awesome fit to lead our visual design practice.

Betsy holds a BFA in graphic design and brings nearly 20 years of digital and traditional visual design experience and creative direction to Red Privet. And from the Philadelphia Phillies to Mike & Ike Candy, she’s guided creative and technical efforts for a number of beloved regional and national brands.

Clients enjoy working with Betsy because she can dissect customer problems from all angles, not just from her visual comfort zone. A methodical, CX-based design approach shapes her understanding of client goals, and allows her to design visual experiences that take the drama out of meeting customer needs. Not surprising, since Betsy even designed a digital application for the Tony Awards!

When she’s not sticking up for our clients, Betsy takes self-defense classes, celebrates Leif Erikson Day (yes, Leif Erikson Day), and loves giving her passport a workout every chance she gets.

An optimal digital experience seamlessly integrates the customer’s needs, provides information when and where they need it, and may just delight them (or at least make the process easier) along the way.

Brad Bonham

Senior Experience Designer

While Brad Bonham gets the appeal of a cool user interface, he’s most interested in designing better tools and frustration-free experiences to help people navigate online tasks. That makes him a great fit at Red Privet.

Prior to joining Red Privet, Brad held team leadership positions as an Interaction Designer for two software organizations – PeopleMatter and Benefitfocus. During his 10 years at Benefitfocus, Brad worked on a wide-range of user-centered design projects geared toward making health insurance easier to understand and less expensive to use. With a Master of Arts in Professional Communication (MAPC) from Clemson University, his specialization in usability and visual communication was an asset to both organizations.

Clients appreciate Brad’s ability to break down large-scale design and usability projects into smaller, simpler next steps. He is a proponent of employing iterative, agile design processes focused on getting feedback early and often to minimize project risk.

A native of Seneca, SC, this die-hard Clemson Tigers fan also has a deep appreciation for philanthropy – working with numerous organizations including the National Dropout Prevention Center, devoted to keeping kids in school and in pursuit of their dreams.

My job is not for the user to spend time admiring my work, but rather for the user to get tasks done quickly and efficiently without being burdened by my work.

Brian Chaput

Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant


For over 10 years, Brian Chaput has delivered innovative marketing solutions for clients across both retail ecommerce and healthcare verticals. His broad marketing experience includes content strategy, brand positioning, social and digital advertising, event management, multi-channel campaign development, and web analytics.

Most recently, Brian worked as Manager of Social Media at Geisinger Health System, where he helped lead the enterprise social media strategy resulting in extensive community growth and social engagement. He was also integral to launching the system’s first internal social business platform.

One of Brian’s proudest career moments comes from building a multi-channel, national award-winning breast cancer awareness campaign at Geisinger that rallied their digital and physical community around the importance of early detection. It’s projects like these that get Brian excited – the ones that help clients connect with, engage, and activate their customers in a meaningful and emotional way.

When he’s not marketing or throwing javelins (yes, javelins), Brian cherishes the time he spends with his wife and two girls. He also loves TV game shows. Watch closely and you may catch him on Game Show Network’s re-runs of “Deal or No Deal”. And no, sadly – he didn’t win any money.

Successful marketing and user experience design share the same foundation; they both start with listening to the customer.

Cherie Hinson, Ph.D.

VP, Customer Experience


Cherie Hinson is a full-throttle user experience strategist and interface designer. She has designed experiences, established user-centered processes and led UX teams for organizations in the enterprise management, health services, finance and higher education industries.

Cherie never does anything half way and we love her for it. She’s long been recognized for her ability to influence and drive new product design from inception through development. She’s also an ardent champion of UX methodology, user research and accessibility standards.

Prior to joining Red Privet, Cherie served as a User Experience Architect for Oracle’s Primavera Global Business Unit where she incorporated redesigns, 508 compliancy, social media and mobile design into the experience strategy of Primavera’s new and existing products.

Cherie is a collector of many things, mostly pop culture (but also really great usability patterns). When not canvasing flea markets for vintage kitchen textiles, Cherie likes playing with her Giant Schnauzers and going to car shows.

I'm fascinated by how important storytelling is to design. So much of designing experience is about listening to the stories that users tell about themselves and about their work. Users tell their stories, we interpret those stories, and tell a new story through the designs that we create.

Chris Baughman

Senior Experience Developer


Hide your cellphone from Chris. He can take it apart and reassemble it as a drone. Okay, so that’s an exaggeration (we think.) Fortunately for us, he uses his formidable front-end responsive development smarts for good. 

Chris built his 15-year career as a code innovator at respected companies such as TE Connectivity, where he was the primary architect of their global framework of responsive sites. At Rite Aid, he led development interfaces and applications credited with gains in productivity and loss prevention. He vets, scales, and manages open and closed-source content management systems, and his toolbelt full of extensive expertise in Drupal, MySQL, Apache, Linux, SOLR, AJAX, Git, Varnish, HTML5, JS, jQuery, CSS3, and SASS. From initial kickoff to post-deployment support, Chris can plan your development project’s full lifecycle. 

To Chris, the fun springs from cracking challenges other developers won’t touch. Our clients 
love him because he can foresee potential showstoppers from nearly every angle. 

When you can pry his hands away from a keyboard, he enjoys hanging out with his wife and furbaby chinchilla—the latter of which he may be trying to mechanize.

I like making things work that people like to use. Making improvements on existing systems, or from scratch. I get enjoyment knowing I can make a job or task easier for someone.

John Scarpaci

Senior Experience Developer

Give a computer a list of instructions and it can be faithfully executed every time. 

John Scarpaci has been fascinated with that concept for as long as he can remember, leading to his career in programming.

For the past three decades, John has provided technical leadership for user interface and back-end development teams – with coding expertise in java, php, perl, and jsp, among others. Prior to joining Red Privet, he consulted on healthcare projects including Janet Weis’ Moving4Health website and an array of omni-channel customer tools for United Concordia.  Most recently, John led development for both iOS and Android mobile applications in a variety of spaces including credit card payments, loyalty programs, and advertising for USA Technologies.  He also has experience in mobile to device (internet of things or IoT) communication.

Clients appreciate John’s ‘easy-to-work-with’ nature.  He’s passionate about using his back-end, front-end and mobile development prowess to solve complex technical challenges, and prides himself on being able to quickly learn and leverage emerging technologies for clients.

Born and raised in Reading, PA, when John’s not fine-tuning his technical development skills, you’ll find him outdoors with family – running, hiking, or grilling up burgers by the pool.

Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

John Vicari

Senior Experience Developer

What do building model cars and developing web software have in common? Both involve extended focus, a drive for perfection, and an end result to be proud of. And, John Vicari excels at both.

Prior to joining Red Privet, John worked as a Web Developer at Concepcion Design and Penn State.  During this time he partnered with a diverse set of clients to design, build, and implement new web strategies – including website redesigns, custom application development, and Content Management System (CMS). His expertise is wide-ranging: from custom Drupal and WordPress CMS theming and responsive front-end development to back-end development with PHP and MySQL.

In addition to developing new and cutting-edge web applications, John’s had success helping clients enhance, scale, and fix existing web applications and platforms – a typically daunting task made smoother by his easy going and collaborative work style. He enjoys working with clients to build a plan of action and getting those solutions implemented on time and on budget.

Aside from being a proud husband and father of two, John’s also an avid coffee roaster experimenting with coffee beans from all over the world.  Stop by the office – he’s happy to break out the moka pot or french press for a delicious brew.

Connecting with the customer on a personal, more emotional level is more than just a great design or a trendy UI feature, it’s how you mesh all those components together as one.

Leah DeLuca

Principal Experience Designer


A top-notch content strategist and information designer, Leah has 11 years of experience in web content strategy and design, information architecture and copywriting for corporate websites, intranets and web applications.

Leah loves words – not just what they say – but, when incorporated into web content, how they create a context in which people can think and act. She enjoys the challenge of distilling technical information into consumable chunks and designing unobtrusive, but effective content that supports each user’s goals.

Sometimes called Red Privet’s utility infielder because she takes on random tasks, Leah always brings a combination of expertise, a solid understanding of usability principles and plain common sense to each information design and usability testing engagement.

When not figuring out how to use fewer words, you’ll find Leah throwing baseballs and talking Pokemon with sons Aidan and Aaron, reading books with daughter Megan and finding ways to avoid cooking dinner.

A well-designed site gets out of the way. It enables the visitor to do what he or she came to do without throwing up roadblocks along the way.

Lee Pietzsch

SVP, Experience Delivery


Lee Pietzsch is a proven team leader, product strategist, consultant and manager with 17 years of experience spanning large corporate and small consulting environments across the software, insurance, financial and services industries.

Lee has the rare ability to focus squarely on the big picture while still minding the details. She excels at interpreting business needs, representing the customer and encouraging collaboration. She also has the largest collection of stress balls any of us has ever seen.

At Red Privet, Lee heads up consulting efforts, manages client engagements and drives our products and services forward. She brings strategic and tactical leadership that makes her fellow Priveteers want to be better – yes, she completes us.

Before joining Red Privet, Lee was National Director of Field Operations at Principal Financial Group. She led initiatives to advance market growth, profitability and customer service. Under her leadership, a franchise sales support model was developed, maximizing team and individual contributions while achieving tangible business results.

Newly transplanted to Central PA, Lee enjoys exploring new things with her husband and daughter and riding her horse, May.

If life came without challenges it would be hard to know what to appreciate. Be optimistic and work hard.

Lissa Richards

Director, Customer Experience


Lissa Richards is an accomplished designer who specializes in user experience, information architecture and usability. Fearless in the face of the toughest design challenges, Lissa is an ace at solving strategic problems with online solutions that are simple, appealing and supremely useful (no cape required).

Lissa lives for those moments when a design “clicks” with the user, when she can see what works for them and how to make the product even better. At Red Privet, Lissa leads the conversation between clients and team members, guiding the transition from rough ideas and wireframes to polished final designs.

Before joining Red Privet, Lissa spent seven years improving how PA’s government serves its citizens online. Working for the Governor’s Office and then the Department of Administration, she designed and managed varied government websites, focusing on branding and usability. Lissa also has worked at Pittsburgh-based Alcoa, contributing to the development of a $24M enterprise portal.

Away from work, Lissa is a serious runner (think: marathons) and a passionate cook. Never one to sit and watch the world go by, she also backpacks, skis and plays soccer.

Simple, everyday objects that do their job and do it well inspire me. A perfectly balanced chef's knife. A running shoe that makes you feel like you're running on air. These things don't intrude on your life. They have a specific function, and they do that in a straightforward way. And if they look good while they're doing it, all the better!

Matt Hummel



Matt Hummel founded Red Privet in 2009 with the philosophy: Our customers’ success is everything. Ever since, he’s employed his strategy, design and consulting know-how -and has led an exceptionally talented team – to get results.

Matt has 20 years of user interface design experience, 13 of those centered on customer experience, user-centered methods and usability. Over the years, his focus on answering the question “What will make this user, this person, successful?” has led to successful consulting engagements with top firms including Walt Disney Imagineering, Fisher-Price, General Motors, Citigroup and Paychex.

Prior to founding Red Privet, Matt established the Customer Experience and Usability department at the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency to promote customers’ online self-service. Following this success, he served as a vice president managing all aspects of web products. He also served as Director, Experience Strategy at Rare Medium and Vice President at Ariel PCS.

When he’s not directing the Red Privet’s vision, Matt can be found spending time with his wife, Jody, and pups, Dutch and Tucker, or kayaking the Susquehanna.

I'm fascinated by how hard it can be to make something obvious to another human being. Good design is simple, it's natural.

Seth Topper

Project Manager


Seth is a project maestro who gets a kick out of creating efficient processes for coworkers and clients where none exist. And his entire career is built on creating the harmony between research, design and technology.

Prior to Red Privet, Seth managed accounts for CEB, a business best practices research firm. Rising from a temp position to Product Owner in just six short years, Seth led numerous digital products and services projects for clients such as Toyota, Comcast and Verizon, as well as a large team of front-end web designers.

Now, Seth holds our feet to the fire. Keeping us on time, on budget and in our clients’ good graces. No sweat for him, because he works hard to ensure projects meet or exceed productivity, quality, and overall goals.

But that’s job description stuff. Clients (and we) love Seth because he’s a great guy to work with. We’re starting to think that smile of his is a tattoo. When he isn’t orchestrating client projects, Seth enjoys mellowing out with his Blues collection, single-handedly boosting Netflix stock, and spending time with his wife and son.

A well-managed project becomes a positive memory for everyone involved, and those with positive memories tend to come back for more. And in the words of John ‘Hannibal’ Smith, ‘I love it when a plan comes together.’

Sue Hummel

Operations Assistant


Tough but lovable, Sue is responsible for one of the most critical functions at Red Privet.

She keeps the lights on.

As our operations assistant, Sue manages payroll and expenses, pays the bills, prepares invoices, researches and recommends company benefits programs, and keeps our financial house in order. Oh yeah, she does collections too!

There isn’t a spreadsheet she can’t tame or a bank statement she can’t reconcile. Sue brings over 42 years of both front- and back-office experience working in fast-pace medical offices. In her career she’s done everything from phlebotomy to fighting with insurance companies on patients’ behalf.

While a nursing student at Harrisburg Hospital in the 60’s, Sue walked to Red Privet’s current office location to get a bus home. And in true Red Privet spirit, she pitches in whenever she can, buying office supplies, stocking the fridge with soda, and taking care of filing.

Sue enjoys spending time with my family and her dogs, volunteer work, reading, walking, and gardening. A Selinsgrove, PA, native, Sue has a long history with our founder and president, Matt Hummel. She’s his mom!